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The Spirit of Flight Foundation's world-class collection blends general and military aviation to inspire the wonders of flight.

Our mission is to acquire, restore, preserve and display aviation history to honor  American veterans, to educate the general public of the significance of aviation, and to inspire future generations to become involved in aviation and/or aviation history.  In addition, the Spirit of Flight Foundation produces aviation-themed film and television projects to support its mission.


Blackwing ASL offers the fastest, most efficient, and flexible moving rigs in our region, ensuring top-notch services for your filming needs. Explore all terrains and seasons with our Motocrane—a 9' remote-controlled jib arm mounted on a Porsche Cayenne Turbo. Our setup is remotely operated with dual control boxes, wireless video feed, and the ability to support dual cameras. Additionally, our specially-rigged Toyota Tundra provides versatility for challenging terrains. Enhance your footage with our licensed drone operators using Inspire 2 drones or opt for our 18.5-foot jib for fast and efficient setups indoors or outdoors.

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Warbird Recovery specializes in the worldwide recovery and restoration of rare and historic military aircraft. Our award-winning book by the same name documents the adventures on the way to becoming the proud owner of several combat Messerschmitts, one of which is the only BF-109E known to exist.


Take Flight- The Warbird Experience™ offers the unique opportunity to join others in a team- building experience second to none. Participants ride in and may fly several rare warbirds. The Warbird Experience includes a reception, orientation, flights, air-to-air photos, use of flight suits and helmets, and daily continental breakfast and evening cocktail reception. Rates vary depending on aircraft included in the experience.

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