Air Assets International offers competitive, high-quality aerial drone photography services. Pricing information is for all general aerial photography utilizing our DJI Phantom 3 Professional Drone aircraft. We specialize in Commercial, Residential and Industrial Real Estate, Inspections, Events, Cinema, and much more.

Extreme High Resolution JPEG photos/ DNG RAW files up to 12 MP (4000x3000) image files are available! Prices are based from the Nampa, Idaho area. Travel more than 30 miles will require additional travel and time expense. Please note we are limited to 5 mile radius around airports as a “no-fly zone” (unless we apply for an FAA waiver) and can fly at a maximum altitude of 400 feet.

Most Drone photography is usually photographed at an altitude of 50 – 250 feet.

• UAS Service with DJI "Phantom 3 Professional" multi-rotor at 4K video,12 MP stills-
$150 per hour
• Basic Real Estate Package- $175 (5 exterior shots edited)
• Film or TV productions- $70 per hour, $300 per half day, and $500 per full day.  Shoots lasting more than 8 hours are $70 per hour plus time and a half.  Time is calculated from arrival at Call Time until being released from the set.
• Additional crew-$65/hr (additional ground crew personnel, UAV pilot, or ground observer)
• All rates include insurance and liability coverage for workers.
• Rates and charges are negotiable based on the scale of job, demographics and hours required on a case by case basis.
• Travel time charges can apply on non-local events.
• Professional video editing is available at additional charge based on scope of work.

FAA Certified! Fully Insured!